Owner Services &
Asset Management

Owner Services is a dedicated contact for our Owners, and is responsible for creating ease and efficiency in communication to all ownership groups, gathering continuous feedback from them to identify profit maximizing opportunities as well as strategizing with all departments on both short and long term strategies to improve overall performance.

Single Point of Contact

Our ethos is driven by our relationship first approach. What better way to develop and nurture our owner relationships than by providing our owners with a dedicated single point of contact who’s primary responsibility is to be the owner’s voice within the daily operations of their hotel.

Operating with an Owner’s Mindset

Our in-house asset management platform goals are to operate by maximizing revenues year in and year out and to add tangible value to an asset throughout its investment horizon. Our owner services team works hand in hand with asset management to provide owners information related to their hotels including guidance regarding Cap Ex, PIP’s, refinancing, ongoing opportunities to reduce fixed costs as well as in-depth analysis required for repositioning a hotel.

Innovative Communication Platform

Our Owner’s Portal offers a dedicated platform to deliver and review hotel performance, access historical reporting, plus provide relevant brand information, 247 company updates and industry trends.


  • Primary contact creating ease and efficacy in communication
  • Gathers continuous feedback from ownership to identify profit maximizing opportunities
  • Owner’s Portal management to ensure accurate + timely preparation and delivery of standard weekly, monthly, quarterly market + operations reporting
  • Monthly P&L and hotel performance review
  • Coordinate property level business plans with Corporate departments and property management on annual budgets, marketing strategy + operations
  • Strategize with all departments on short + long term strategies to improve overall performance

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Tara Sheikh

Vice President of Owner Services & Asset Management

"...exceeded my expectations."

– S. Hodges, Incite Ventures, INC.