Operations & Guest Services

Beyond the brand standards and amenities, exceptional guest service experiences set us apart in the market. Day in and day out. That’s why our regional and corporate leaders take a mentoring approach in their oversight, support and direction of each property and manager. Large hotel management firms typically structure their leadership responsibility with twice the number of hotels than our regional directors. We establish regional territories that allow for more frequent property visits, more opportunity for cohesion and more opportunities for learning. We also recognize the interdependence between all departments with a shared accountability in upholding the 247 Value: None of us is as good as all of us. Working closely with our People Resources and Development team on the hiring process, we hand-pick general managers who embody our mission and contribute to our leadership culture with a proven set of capabilities. Corporate sales and revenue leaders help us keep a pulse on competitors and demand in the market. And our bottom line depends on expert coaching from our accounting team, ensuring cost containment to optimize flow-through.


  • Leveraging all available Brand tools for service excellence
  • Web-based technologies to forecast labor and expenses
  • Quore mobile communication technology within hotel operations
  • Performance recognition and career advancement
  • CapEx strategy to balance guest service needs with asset preservation
  • Third party inspection services to ensure consistent guest experiences
  • Comprehensive Annual Operating Plans (forecasting, budgets and marketing strategies)

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Edward Busch

Corporate Director of Operations

Michael Aftanski

Regional Director Operations

Joe Kuhn

Regional Director Operations

Caroline Salas

Operations Analyst

"...our ‘go to’ hotel management resource in the Western hotel markets..."

~ Brickstar Capital, LLC

Finance And Accounting

Our hospitality finance and accounting team understands the owner’s mindset, with seasoned professionals that manage your hotel from an investment standpoint beyond day to day accounting practices. We interpret, teach and deliver actionable financial intelligence in order to maximize profitability, knowing this ultimately improves property value based on superior financial performance. Corporate Controllers take ownership of a wide range of disciplines in both finance and accounting with their eye on forecasting, budgeting, capacity planning, inventory control, and income and financial statement auditing. Corporate Accountants manage critical daily responsibilities such as reconciliation of balance sheet accounts, cash and credit card deposits, payroll entries, general ledger reconciliation, along with month-end closing reports. Our goal is complete transparency and accessibility of your hotel’s financial information. We leverage web-based, industry-driven accounting systems and our own proprietary owner portal to collect and report detailed financial data from your hotel[s] on a real-time basis.


  • Centralized data collection for efficient P/L statements
  • Balance sheet reconciliation, statement of cash flow and analytical reporting
  • Accounts payable check processing, in-house Payroll Manager
  • Complex financial reporting, partner distributions and other transactions
  • Local and state sales tax filing; third-party tax filing and compliance
  • Assistance in managing sales and use tax audit
  • Analyze and reconcile monthly loan servicing balances
  • Fixed asset ledger and reporting
  • Maintain and track all CapEx

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Samuel Grant

VP Finance & Accounting

Gary Wu


Tianying Wang

Staff Accountant

Bart. Saucerman

Corporate Controller

Mary Nieblas

Accounts Payable Manager

Susan McClurg

Payroll Manager

Jayani De Alwis

Corporate Staff Accountant

Lah Donovan

Finance Analyst

"…professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy."

~ S. Hodges, Incite Ventures, INC.

People Resources & Development

Entering our second decade of hospitality excellence, we do more than just develop and operate hotels. We develop people as our primary resource on the road to success. We know that the guest experience starts and ends with those delivering kick-ass guest experiences – whether at the desk, in the kitchen, preparing fresh linens, or fixing the tv, with a readiness to serve. ‘Crafting Inspired Workplaces’ is the foundation of our interdependent mission, which starts with a passion for hospitality and permeates our hiring, training and career advancement responsibilities for your hotel. Our PR&D team takes a proactive approach by cultivating a healthy, defined cultural experience within the parameters of fundamental HR responsibilities necessary to protect your overall investment. In addition to hotel specific training and certification supporting all major hotel brands, our PR&D team has direct experience in hotel operations, enabling the implementation of industry best practices. We facilitate our own high standards of development through customized modules for management and leadership skills, enabling everyone to thrive in their hospitality career. Afterall, a workplace culture that is safe, productive and nurturing – with a little bit of rock and roll – is also a profitable one.


  • Centralized recruiting for top talent managers
  • Best practices training for the hiring process at all hotels
  • Hospitality training and certification supporting all major hotel brands
  • Comprehensive total rewards programs, from wellness to people perks
  • Career advancement opportunities for maintaining high retention rates
  • Market analysis and competitive pay practices
  • Dedicated payroll manager and cloud technology for secure and efficient processing
  • Legal compliance for evolving federal, state and local laws
  • Labor relations in relevant markets

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Leesa Gibbons

Vice President of People Resources

Candace King

People Resources Manager

Yuliya Teterina

People Resources Generalist / Payroll Administrator

Itzel Huerta

Director People Resources

"...highly knowledgeable and accessible…"

~ Brickstar Capital, LLC


Our corporate sales team is passionate about developing high-quality sales leaders while building partnerships with brand and global account teams toward increased awareness and share gain.

Knowing the demand generators in each of our markets is one thing. Knowing how to build relationships is another. Our sales leaders exceed expectations through heightened engagement with  hotel teams and customers in their effort to maximize your bottom line.

Certified in all major brand sales training, we leverage all brand tools and resources within our development tracks and assign regional oversight to optimize mentoring and collaboration. We set out to generate a rhythm with ongoing analytical insights in partnership with revenue and eCommerce team leaders as well.

Guest service starts at the handshake for our sales leaders, working with corporate travel decision-makers and group organizers to ensure your hotel is set apart from the competition. Our leaders emphasize the qualification process, tailoring the plan and approach to the specific needs of each customer, ensuring business aligns with the total hotel strategy.


  • Sales team training and development including prospecting, site visits, and negotiating skills
  • Monitor segment production and budget reports to inform quarterly action plans
  • Special Corporate account saturation and relationship building, including group and catering solicitation
  • Utilize internal lead generation channels to qualify and close new potential toward long term gains
  • Guidance of marketing-plan development and execution of revenue enhancement strategies
  • Relationship building with Brand and Global Account Teams to aid in market share growth

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Hannah Huse

Vice President Sales

Quentin Roberts

Regional Director of Sales

Deanna Kautai

Regional Director of Sales

Jasmine Johnson

Task Force Director of Sales

Nelly Hanna

Task Force Director of Sales

"...Choosing our operating partner in Twenty Four Seven Hotels was the best decision for our investment…"

~ Brickstar Capital, LLC

Revenue Strategy And Distribution

Our revenue team cohesively works with the sales and digital marketing teams toward the shared goal of optimizing revenue in every market. Every single night.

In keeping with our mentor-driven culture, corporate revenue managers are responsible for a smaller territory than most competitors. This allows for dedicated analysis and collaborative support to general managers and sales leaders with a vested interest in the same outcome. The RS&D team is highly proficient in all major branded revenue management systems, constantly calibrating settings and leveraging integrated business applications relevant to high performing hotels. Critical workflow synergies between sales, revenue and eCommerce teams ensure an understanding of hotel demand, channel analysis and hotel supply by the operations team. Anybody can push data out. We would rather present information that is critical, easy to understand and actionable, deploying a holistic approach towards the development of our leadership and exclusive revenue strategies. It’s our constant vigilance to the discipline of revenue strategy that allows us to keep enhancing the performance of our hotels and generating improved results.


  • Proficiency in major brand revenue management systems
  • Dedicated regional leader and analyst support team
  • Daily forecasting to monitor optimal price patterns
  • Analytical expertise in all phases of hotel data
  • Specialization in system conversions, routine maintenance, and ad hoc analysis

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Isaac Rodriguez

SR. VP Revenue Strategy & Distribution

Lety Pirronello

Corporate Director of Revenue

Mary Ellen Goese

Revenue Manager

Cenie Ho

Revenue Manager

Flowery Pau

Revenue Analyst

Stephanie Vasquez

Revenue Analyst

"...the team delivered in all the areas we targeted to improve our asset value…"

~ Brickstar Capital, LLC

Digital Marketing and eCommerce

Engaging with guests truly starts with marketing. While the brands provide a foundational online presence and brand identity to facilitate the booking process, marketing today involves understanding the widening digital landscape that connects us with our guests long before they enter the hotel. Research and experience tells us that the hotel booking process typically starts with a geographical search online and is then likely to move from the hotel website to a social media feed and a review site, such as TripAdvisor or Yelp, before a guest finally commits to a room. That’s why our Marketing and Communications team brings strategy, design and eCommerce expertise. We can tackle print, PR, hashtags or events, and we’ll advise you on the size of the spotlight necessary for your particular hotel. Our digital marketing approach involves a multi-channel booking strategy and includes a combination of analytical data and creative design. Working closely with our sales and revenue teams, we stay ahead of the curve to maximize booking opportunities for your bottom line. In today’s digital world, we ensure a positive guest experience online – to convert that booking, before passing the baton to our operations team for a kick-ass guest experience during their visit at the hotel.


  • Hotel website and brand maintenance
  • Online metasearch and link building to improve visibility
  • Optimize brand positioning on OTAs
  • Digital ad spends in competitive channels
  • Reputation management through review sites
  • Print and digital collateral production
  • Comprehensive services for independent hotels

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Jessica Roussel

Digital Marketing Manager

Kylie Chen

Digital Marketing Manager