About Us

"Crafting Inspired Workplaces that Deliver Kick-ass Guest Experiences, Maximizing Investor Returns"

We’re a hospitality culture passionately inspired by Music

Music is a powerful medium that transcends different cultures, personalities and backgrounds to connect people on an emotional level. Music is universally relatable and sets the tone to build the long lasting, meaningful relationship we strive for as a service provider in the travel and hospitality industry. We view the synergistic nature of the creative process as a guiding theme in the way we operate as a company. The collaborative, dynamic and inspiring energy that’s inherent in producing music is imbedded in the way we do business. The relationship between different sounds, instruments and unique talent all coming together in song parallels the way we leverage our different departments and disciplines coming together to produce our brand of music-inspired workplaces and kick-ass guest experiences designed to maximize investor returns.

Our Core Guiding Principals

Reject the Status Quo

At 247 Hotels, we persistently focus on “Making it Better.”  We believe by consistently rejecting the status quo we conquer complacency, continuously improving efficiency and effectiveness of our operation, while creating deeper relationships with our team members and investment partners.

Create a Picture of What’s Possible

We strive to inspire one another to push ourselves and, in turn, the company – to greatness. To do this, we preach the principle of “Leading by Example” to create a picture of what’s possible, by walking the talk through actions and innovative thinking.

Own the Result

Our founding principle was to create an “Owner’s” management company.  We set out to differentiate our services, being responsive and accountable, taking a vigilant approach to managing the operating margins in real time.  Believing in the mantra, “What gets measured gets done,” we own the results by maintaining high-level management oversight and accountability, strengthening relationships through total transparency with our investment partners.

Arthur Valdez and Deanna Kautai - Twenty Four Seven Hotels Award Winner - 2018

No One Can Whistle a Symphony

We are in the “People” business, embracing the fact that “None of us is as good as all of us.”  At 247 Hotels, we emphasize the importance of relationships with each other and promote exhaustive collaboration among disciplines to fully leverage the deep experience and talent of our team.